PD09: Project Completion

In this episode, we discuss the completion of a development.  This doesn’t just start and finish with the settlement. Hosted by Chris Reed: SMSF Specialist Advisor, Director of Business Concepts […]

PD08: Due Diligence and Financial Feasibility

The whole idea of a due diligence is so that before making a commitment to actually buy a particular development site you want to make sure there’s a reasonable expectation […]

PD07: Research you Market

Researching your market is a really important part of the due diligence process as a property developer and often gets skipped. It is critical to understand your market, understand who they […]

PD04: Attracting Investors

In this episode, we discuss bringing investors into your project. It is critical that you know your investment proposal and structures inside out because ultimately you need to be able to […]

PD03: Legal Documentation

When talking of legal documentation often people think just around the purchase and sell contracts and not much more. This episode covers some of the different legal documentation that may be […]

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