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SMSF Strategy Series – Podcast 8


So, where do you start? Let’s join Business Concepts Group’s Chris Reed in the final episode of the SMSF strategy series as he discusses an SMSF health check.

The health check is a good way to get started with taking your fund to the next level, and a general review of your fund is the first thing to do.

This podcast series is really a support for our SMSF strategy sessions. So for attendees of that session, this will supplement the topics covered, and is also a great refresher for you at any point in time.

For those that have not attended one of our SMSF strategy sessions, then hopefully this may wet your appetite and we will see you in person soon.

It’s a 3 hour session aimed at taking your SMSF to the next level and get the maximum benefit out of running your fund. SMSF’s are becoming more and more popular and many funds just operate at a basic level.

This session will educate trustees as we go through a number of strategies that will improve your fund. We keep numbers at the sessions small so there is plenty of interaction and opportunity for questions and discussions.

If anyone does have any inquiry whatsoever about their SMSF, wants to have it reviewed, or wants to come in for a health check. Please contact us, we are passionate about SMSFs and we are more than happy to talk to trustees about their particular fund.

We encourage you to listen to the episodes as often as you like and would love it if you would share it around with family and friends. Also, if you could do us a favour and jump into itunes and give the show a rating, we would really appreciate it.

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