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SMSF Strategy Podcast Series – Introduction


SMSFs are not suitable for everyone and you should think carefully before deciding to set one up. It is a major financial decision and you need to have the time and skills to do it. What’s the best way of setting one up and running it than with the help of specialists guiding you every step of the way.

Chris Reed of Business Concepts Group presents an eight part Podcast series on the latest Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Strategies, which are aimed at helping trustees take their SMSFs to the next level.

These series of Podcasts are intended to complement our SMSF Strategy sessions as it will supplement the topic covered there, providing a great refresher for you.

A wide array of topics will be discussed on each episode, aimed to professionally assist SMSF trustees every step of it the way.

SMSF Podcast Series 2 revolves all around structure of the fund. This is all about having your fund setup correctly and up to date. Getting it ready to implement a lot of the strategies that we’ll soon be sharing with you. You’ll know the key differences between individual and corporate trustees, knowing the importance of your investment strategy, while you’re getting yourself educated by getting the right advice.

SMSF Podcast Series 3 is around property investing within super. That’s everything from your basic standard rental property, owning business premises in your fund to joint investments. We’ll talk about property development using an SMSF. As well as strategies for farmland.

SMSF Podcast Series 4 is around borrowing to invest using your SMSF. We’ll look at the ability to borrow within the SMSF , answering questions — “Who is it suitable for?” and “Why borrow?” Then we’ll do a discussion around the actual structure itself. Immerse yourself with limited recourse borrowing tips and traps with the banks.

SMSF Podcast Series 5 we’ll cover the family superfund, where you’ll learn a lot about longer term planning and how to bring the next generation into the fund. It’s all about the strategies involved and why you should involve more family members and the importance of planning.

SMSF Podcast Series 6 is around tax planning and here let’s focus on five key strategies every fund should have a look and that actually maximise the tax benefits within your fund.

SMSF Podcast Series 7 details estate planning and planning for loss of capacity. Be it the death of a member or trustee, it may well just be that a member or trustee has just loss capacity either permanently or for a period of time, we’ll get you prepped on planning for these. We’ll also look at death benefit nomination, reversionary pensions, multi-pension strategies, and a few other things as well.

Finally, on SMSF Podcast Series 8 we’ll do a little bit of a recap as well as going through a quick SMSF health check.


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