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Episode 29 – ATO activity around SMSFs

Episode 28 – Welcome to the 2016 Financial Year.

Episode 27 – Actions to be taken before the end of the Financial Year.

Episode 26 – 2015 Budget Special and Superannuation

Episode 25 – ATO Activities

Episode 24 – Audit Issues, trends in SMSF growth and the current discussion around superannuation.

Episode 23 – The latest statistics on SMSF’s, and recent ATO views on related party loans.

Episode 22 – Financial system inquiry report, a review of 2014 and some key point to take into 2015.

Episode 21 – SMSF health check on your fund.

Episode 20 – Marriage breakdown and family law issues with SMSF’s.

Episode 19 – Family super fund – bringing the next generation into your fund.

Episode 18 – SMSF’s and property development with our guest Ben Payne

Episode 17 – All about pension and what’s involved in starting and maintaining a pension and some of the strategies to maximise the benefits.

Episode 16 – Discussion on how women can use SMSF’s to help bridge the super gap.

Episode 15 – The borrowing process within an SMSF, dealing with the banks, and the tips and traps.

Episode 14 – Five great strategies for your SMSF.

Episode 13 – Borrowing to invest using self-managed super.

Episode 12 – Estate Planning and loss of capacity planning for your SMSF.

Episode 11 – The key areas to focus on the new financial year for your SMSF.

Episode 10 – The most important issues for SMSF trustees that is most often neglected – Estate Planning for your SMSF

Episode 9 – Year end planning for your SMSF.

Episode 8 – Update on limited recourse borrowing arrangements and SMSF’s

Episode 7 – The benefits of SMSF’s for business owners

Episode 6 – The importance of regular planning meetings and reviews for your SMSF, as well as some of the issues to address for longer term planning to ensure you are getting the most out of your fund. 

Episode 5 – Common mistakes made by SMSF’s and what to avoid.

Episode 4 – Individual trustees versus corporate trustees and all of the reasons why you should have a corporate trustee

Episode 3 – Property investment, including property development using an SMSF

Episode 2 – New SMSF compliance requirements and what to look for in an SMSF administration service.

Episode 1 – Discussion with Grant Abbott, Chairman of the SMSF Members Association

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