WIF_1: Introduction

Introduction to all the financial issues concerning women to be discussed in this eight-part series. Episodes will feature topics such as Superannuation, Insurances, Investing, Estate Planning and what to look […]

WIF_2: Importance of Superannuation for Women

Looks at the importance of Superannuation to women. Superannuation is a major contribution to outcomes in financial future. Everyone has accumulated Super at some stage and everyone really needs to […]

WIF_8 : Quick Twenty Minute Financial Plan

A wrap up of everything from the previous episodes in a quick 20-minute financial plan. This quick 20-minute financial plan summarises everything women need to consider and also some quick […]

NV058: Trust Resolutions and the ATO Amendment Period

Discussion on trust resolution requirements prior to 30 June and the time limits for ATO amendments. Hosted by Sarah Power: Director of Business Concepts Group, Financial Planner and Accountant

NV057: Current ATO Targets and Data Matching

A discussion about the current tax office targets audit targets and the data matching program the ATO is using to identify audit targets. Hosted by Sarah Power: Director of Business […]

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