WIF_1: Introduction

Introduction to all the financial issues concerning women to be discussed in this eight-part series. Episodes will feature topics such as Superannuation, Insurances, Investing, Estate Planning and what to look […]

WIF_2: Importance of Superannuation for Women

Looks at the importance of Superannuation to women. Superannuation is a major contribution to outcomes in financial future. Everyone has accumulated Super at some stage and everyone really needs to […]

WIF_3: Personal Insurances

Personal insurance is an essential part of overall financial health and can help ease the burden of looking after loved ones financially if something unexpected were to happen. Hosted by […]

WIF_8 : Quick Twenty Minute Financial Plan

A wrap up of everything from the previous episodes in a quick 20-minute financial plan. This quick 20-minute financial plan summarises everything women need to consider and also some quick […]

NV058: Trust Resolutions and the ATO Amendment Period

Discussion on trust resolution requirements prior to 30 June and the time limits for ATO amendments. Hosted by Sarah Power: Director of Business Concepts Group, Financial Planner and Accountant

NV057: Current ATO Targets and Data Matching

A discussion about the current tax office targets audit targets and the data matching program the ATO is using to identify audit targets. Hosted by Sarah Power: Director of Business […]

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