Women in Focus

We want to create a BCG community especially for women.
Whether you are in business yourself, married to a business owner or you are professional in the business world, this is a forum to focus on the financial issues that affect women and strategies and actions that can be taken to address them. Here are also some articles that might help women in their finacial issues and strategies.

Join our community and stay informed

1. Woman and cancer: What you need to know

Being faced with cancer can have a devastating impact on women and their families.
That’s why it’s so important to reduce your health risks – and also know how to avoid the financial shock
that a cancer diagnosis can bring. Read more…

2. Financial advice for a long life

Retiring earlier and living a longer: why every woman needs the right financial strategy to make sure their savings will last their distance. Read more….

3. Have you baby-proofed your finances?

Becoming a parent brings a world of joy into your life, but it can also put a strain on your household finances.
So if you’re planning to take time off work to look after your little one, make sure you’re financially prepared. Read more… 

4. Time to ask for a pay rise?

The gender wage gap is putting many women on the back foot financially – but a successful salary
negotiation can make a significant difference. Here’s how to do it.

5. Starting a business from home?

Setting up a home business is an exciting step. But for many women, it can also make the juggling act
between work and family a bit more challenging. Here’s how to start out on the right foot.


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