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NV090: International Women’s Day

In our latest episode, we discuss International Women’s Day. Hosted by : Director of Business Concepts Group, Financial Planner and Accountant

WIF_1: Introduction

Introduction to all the financial issues concerning women to be discussed in this eight-part series. Episodes will feature topics such as Superannuation, Insurances, Investing, Estate...

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WIF_3: Personal Insurances

Personal insurance is an essential part of overall financial health and can help ease the burden of looking after loved ones financially if something unexpected...

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WIF_4: Women in Business

Many women these days have got great ideas which they develop into a business. Many of these business started while mothers are at home raising...

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WIF_5: Investing

Women tend to take less risks than men when it comes to investing. Generally, they are also more willing to take advice and be educated...

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WIF_6: Estate Planning

Estate Planning plays an important part in financial planning for both men and women, but this applies most especially for women. This episode discusses the...

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WIF_7: Debt Management

The importance of debt management will be discussed in this episode, including the two main types of debt in Australia and the need to seek...

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