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PD10: Wrap Up

One of the key messages we have been trying to get out during the whole series is about the importance of planning and proper understanding...

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PD09: Project Completion

In this episode, we discuss the completion of a development.  This doesn’t just start and finish with the settlement. Hosted by : SMSF Specialist Advisor,...

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PD07: Research you Market

Researching your market is a really important part of the due diligence process as a property developer and often gets skipped. It is critical to understand...

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PD06: Town Planning

Town planning is another critical part of the development process and this episode once again emphasises the importance of actually getting things right from the...

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PD04: Attracting Investors

In this episode, we discuss bringing investors into your project. It is critical that you know your investment proposal and structures inside out because ultimately you...

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PD03: Legal Documentation

When talking of legal documentation often people think just around the purchase and sell contracts and not much more. This episode covers some of the different...

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PD01: Overview

The first episode of the Property Development podcast series is an introduction to all the topics to be discussed in this ten-part series. Chris Reed...

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NV069: Interim Business Review

This latest podcast episode is a discussion about Interim Business Review. Hosted by : Director of Business Concepts Group, Financial Planner and Accountant

NV055: Looking ahead at 2015

Happy New Year! Looking ahead what’s in store for 2015 Hosted by : Director of Business Concepts Group, Financial Planner and Accountant